REVIEW: 20Jeans

20JEANS ad randomly appeared on my Facebook News Feed one day and being a snob for a nice pair of raw denim, I decided to check out the site.

The minimalist-feel appealed to me right away, but that was soon over-shadowed by the pricetag. $25 for a pair of raw denim?! I’ve regretfully paid close to six times that amount for my Slim Jims. But that’s when my skepticism came into play; if it was such a low price, they had to be of poor quality. So I looked for reviews and with ResellerRatings having them at a 9.07/10 with 2.3K+ in reviews, they had to be of decent quality. So I pulled the trigger and picked up a set…or three.

My order recently got delivered and they definitely came through on their mission statement:

Call us minimalists, call us bad capitalists… we just don’t believe in gouging anyone, for any reason. Great jeans are of course the highlight – maybe even the purpose? – of life, but even so… The way we see it, there’s no need to blow their price point out of proportion. With this in mind we design and produce our inventory, then connect it directly to you, the customer – thusly making dual “nice saves.” One, our precious commodities from retail Purgatory. The other, money – both on our side and yours.

I would highly recommend that everyone looking for a quality pair (or three) of raw denim, and not looking to give up their first born child’s birthright in the process, go check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

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